Everyone has a story...Wear it on your sleeve

Our Story

Living Proof is all about giving others the confidence to wear their struggles and successes on their sleeve. Living Proof works to promote self love and mental health. This brand focuses on giving our customers the strength to see different perspectives when looking at their lives.

Without your failures/obstacles and triumphs, you wouldn't be the person you are today. Embrace it, show it off, wear it on your sleeve and show the world how proud you are to be you. There's no one else out there quite like you. 

The Founder

Living Proof was founded on Long Island in 2020 by Maria Porcasi. She struggled with being herself and accepting who she was. After creating this brand as a project for school, she decided she wanted to make this come to life. With the support of her family and friends, it was possible.

The name "Living Proof" is a reflection of the person wearing it. They are Living Proof of something they achieved during their life. Whether they are living proof that their dreams can come true, living proof that they are stronger than they think or they are living proof they can survive anything, embrace it.

There are a few inspirational brands out there but ours is one of a kind because it is custom to you. Each Sweatshirt/T-shirt or accessory is made with love and customized with the quote and color you would like. Without you, our brand wouldn't be possible... so thank you!